LOGO Picaporte

    El Picaporte, meaning "door handle" in Spanish, has been
    chosen as the company's name because it represent an
    apparently insignificant tool that has a very precise and
    important use: the opening of doors.

And in our case...    the doors of the imagination!

Who are we...?

Breve historia de la Compaņía

C. Gechtman
P. Palacios

In 1989 the two start working together 
and in 1991 they settle in Milan, where 
they found the "El Picaporte" Company. 

During their career they had participated
in many Meetings and Festivals of puppet 
theatre in Argentina, Spain, Italy, Austria
Greece, Denmark, Belgium and Israel.



C. Gechtman

Buenos Aires, Argentina

She started her activity in the art of puppets in 1986, when she attended the Puppet Theatre
School directed by Gloria Diaz in Buenos Aires.

Since 1987 she work as pupeteer with various companies.


P. Palacios

Montevideo, Uruguay

He starts his activity in puppet theatre in 1981 in Argentina, starting as self taught puppeteer.

After having attended various courses, stages and workshops he has taken part in different projects with many companies, as puppeteer, puppet maker, musician, director and playwright.

The Company

National and international
"Festival Internazionale delle Figure Animate" 1992
"Festival Internazionale delle Figure Animate" 1993
"TeatrinStrada" 1993
"Mercantia" 1993
"Giorni di Festa" Alfa Teatro, Temporada '93-'94
"8th Festival of Puppet Theater" 1994
"Calidad & Cultura" Casa de la Cultura, Temporada '94-'95
"La Versiliana" 1995
Teatro Arbolé, Temporada '95-'96
Teatro Sur, Temporada '95-'96
"La Cittā dei Ragazzi" 1996
"La Luna č Azzurra" 1996
"IX Festival Internazionale del Teatro Ragazzi" 1996
"Festival Internazionale delle Figure Animate" 1996
"La Luce Azzurra" 1996
"Giorni di Festa" Alfa Teatro, Temporada '96-'97
"1° Festival Internazionale di Teatro di Figura" 1997
"Sogno e Realtā" 1997
"Biennale dei Giovani Artisti dell'Europa e del Mediterraneo" 1997
"La Versiliana" 1997
"Teatrinsieme" 1998
"Festival Internazionale dei Burattini e delle Figure" 1998
"Immagini dell'interno" 1998
"Luglio Bambino" 1998
"Burattini sotto le stelle" 1998
"Nessun Dorma" 1998
"Baracche, burattini e burattinai" 1998
"Le Stelle di Cartapesta" 1998
"16 Festival Internacional de Marionetas" 1998
"1° Festival Internacional de Marionetas" 1998
"10 Fira de Teatre de Titelles" 1999
"Di Tutti i Colori" 1999
"Apriti Cielo d'Europa" 1999
"Anima" 1999
"1st International Puppet Theatre of Kilkís" 1999
"6° Festival Internazionale d'Arte di Strada" 2000
"Alla Corte di Tavá, Festival Iternazionale dei Burattini", 2000
"Sulle tracce dei burattini", 2000
"Figeuro", 2000
"Il gioco dei fili", 2000
"Tutti a teatro", 2001
"Puppets... Dal burattinaio al cantastorie" 2001
"Teatro Ragazzi" 2001
"Incontri in biblioteca" 2001
"Incontri in biblioteca" 2002
"Incontri in biblioteca" 2002
"Baracche di Luglio" 2002
"Teatri di confine" 2002
"Festival - X" 2003
(Perugia, Italia)
(Perugia, Italia)
(Bagnolo in Piano, Italia)
(Certaldo, Italia)
(Torino, Italia)
(Jerusalem, Israel)
(Kfar Sabah, Israel)
(Marina di Pietrasanta, Italia)
(Zaragoza, Espaņa)
(Sevilla, Espaņa)
(Bari, Italia)
(San Miniato, Italia)
(Vico Equense, Italia)
(Perugia, Italia)
(Catania, Italia)
(Torino, Italia)
(Firenze, Italia)
(Albissola Marina, Italia)
(Torino, Italia)
(Marina di Pietrasanta, Italia)
(Campi Bisenzio, Italia)
(Genova, Italia)
(Pinerolo, Italia)
(Campi Bisenzio, Italia)
(Quartu Sant'Elena, Italia)
(Quartucciu, Italia)
(Iglesias, Italia)
(La Maddalena, Italia)
(Tolosa, Espaņa)
(Pamplona, Espaņa)
(Lleida, Espaņa)
(Firenze, Italia)
(Pontassieve, Italia)
(St. Michael, Austria)
(Kilkís, Grecia)
(Castel S. Pietro Terme, Italia)
(Como, Italia)
(Domodossola, Italia)
(Gent, Belgica)
(Torino, Italia)
(Lavis, Italia)
(Pedavena e Sedico, Italia)
(Trento, Italia)
(Bibl.Gallaratese, Milano, Italia)
(Bibl. Niguarda, Milano, Italia)
(Bibl. Sempione, Milano, Italia)
(Tortona, Italia)
(Villamiroglio, Italia)
(Silkeborg, Dinamarca)


The Performances

Take Away Stories I


By P. Palacios & C. Gechtman. Performance composed by short musical sketches. Puppets, objects and bare hands. (For everybody)
(Duration about 15/20 min.)
Also suitable for unconventional places: pedestrian streets, parks, gardens, villages feasts, squares, etc.
It can be repeated many times, according to the specific situation.
Take Away Stories II

By P. Palacios & C. Gechtman. Performance composed by short musical sketches.
Puppets, objects and bare hands.
(For everybody)
(Duration about 45 min.)
Suitable for: theatres, festivals.
Gelsomina the cow
By P. Palacios. Performed with foam rubber hand puppets.
(For children from 5 years of age)
(Duration about: 45 min).
Suitable for: kindergarten and primary schools, parks, gardens,etc.
Somewhere on the Earth



By P. Palacios. Inspired by "Un lugar sobre la Tierra" by Ariel Flores.
Puppets and actors.
(For children from 5 years of age onward)
(Duration about 55 min.)
Original musics by P. Palacios.
Suitable for: theaters, festivals.
By P. Palacios. Inspired by "Dromedario e l'oasi incantata" by Attilio Casinelli.
Puppets and actors.
(For children from 3 years of age onward)
(Duration about 45/50 min.)
Original musics by P. Palacios.
Suitable for: theaters, festivals and primary schools.

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